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Where we Eat in Gloucester ... Yella on the Water

Yella is a fairly new Resturant for us in Gloucester, but they have been around for a while in Andover, and folks just love them, just as much as we do. Yella is owned by a lovely Lebanese family and on any given day you might find one in the kitchen cooking and the other seating all the guests, it really feels like you are being welcomed into their home for dinner.

Yella is located on Western Ave (Stacy Boulevard), walking distance to downtown, and their deck overlooks the harbor. (And did I mention they have the beat seats in the house for any fireworks Gloucester is setting off at Stage Fort Park). Yes their deck overlooks Western Ave, but across the street is the Gloucester Harbor, and the perfect place to watch the schooners sail gracefully by.

One thing that is important to us when we eat out is, do they have a good cocktail? Yella has a very unique one called the Trababazenga, it is red wine, mezcal, tequila, and lime. This sounds like a unique combination, but it is delicious, and I suggest you try it.

Here we were drinking a Mezcal Negroni and a Trababazenga

Some of our favorite dishes at Yella are; the Provincial Wings, the Flatbread, the Crispy Shrimp and the Lamb Chop.

I know not everyone is a fan of lamb, but when they are in these little chops, with wild mushroom risotto (that is so yummy I want to swim in it), and asparagus, everyone who has tried it with me seems to love it as much as me.

There are so many other yummy things on the menu from the Scallops, the Falafel, the catch of the day, and any of their pasta dishes are a huge hit also.

If you go, let us know your favorite and we will try that too.

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