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Where do we eat in Gloucester

We get asked very often where to eat dinner and who has the best ... I have been thinking that through the month of August we are going to share all the places the Captain and I enjoy eating at. There are so many wonderful restaurants, bars and sandwich shops around town that offer so much, we are going to share those with you.

Every week we will feature a different Resturant. We hope to find a variety of places with a variety of yummy food to appeal to everyones tastes buds. There are so many so this might go well into September.

There are some places we go because of the view, or where they are, and some are because of the people, but thing for sure all of them are on the Island we call home, from Gloucester to Rockport.

I am getting hungry thinking about all this. Let's see where we stop first!

Jalapeno's Outdoor seating during Block Parties


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