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What to Expect When You Join us on a Sail

Our sails are BYOB & snacks, lunch, dinner. We have ice & water on board. Remember when packing food and beverages you will be on a sailboat so bring boat friendly food and snacks that are contained and covered.  
Pick up is at Solomon Jacobs Public Landing, 19 Harbor Loop in Gloucester, between the US Coast Guard Station and Gloucester Harbormaster Office. 

As soon as we leave the dock or mooring the sailing will begin. Remember you are on a sailboat and part of the experience is feeling the sails fill up with wind with no engine running while you glide on the water.  

What to Bring 
- camera 
- towel, if you want to take a dip 
- sunblock or hat 
- sweater/hoodie/jacket in case it gets cold out there

Where to Park
There is a public lot on Rogers Street and Harbor Loop that allows you to park (pay to park) for up to ten hours.  And occasionally you can find a free spot on Harbor Loop.  

What Should I Bring for Food and Beverage?
Yes, feel free to bring your own food and beverages.  All of our trips include complimentary bottled water.  Additionally, we recommend finger foods (small sandwiches, cheese and crackers, etc) as they are easiest to eat on a boat. Foods with sauces will stain clothing and upholstery so are not recommended. For adults over 21, reasonable amounts of beer, wine and spirits are also allowed (please minimize glass containers).  
Any excessive use of alcohol will result in the immediate termination of the trip with no recourse.

Will I Get Seasick?
In all of our years of operation, we have had zero instances of seasickness within the protected waters of Gloucester Harbor.  The ocean swell and chop that you might encounter on the ocean in Ipswich Bay is minimal.  Nevertheless, concerned passengers are welcome to experiment with over-the-counter remedies containing ginger, which has been shown to calm an upset stomach.  
Consult your physician if you have any further questions or concerns.

Are There Any Age or Physical Restrictions?
Our Sailing Charters have no age restrictions.
Those with mobility issues must be able to walk down the gangway ramp and step up into the vessel.  Very rarely is this an issue, but it should be mentioned.  Our team will assist in any way they can to ensure that those with mobility issues are comfortable.

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