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Where to Eat in Gloucester ...Tonno

Tonno is one of our favorite places to eat. Tonno when translated to English from Italian means tuna. Tonno is and Italian Seafood Resturant, that has seafood dishes as well as all those favorite Italian dishes we know and love. (and since we have just been back from Italy it is the closest thing we can get).

There are some great things about Tonno that make it great; they now have outdoor seating, it is walking to distance to pretty much everything in downtown Gloucester, and in Blue Fin Tuna season, there is Blue Fin Tuna on the menu. The owner of Tonno is an avid tuna fisherman and when he catches a Blue Fin it goes on the menu. You see in New England we eat Yellow Fin Tuna mostly, and most of the Blue Fin Tuna gets auctioned off as soon as it arrives in, and gets transported to Logan airport, where there is always room in cargo on the non-stop flight to Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese love Blue Fin Tuna.

Tonno opened in Gloucester about the same time we moved to Gloucester and we have been going since almost day one. There are so many yummy Italian cocktails, appetizers, pasta & deserts on the menu I cannot even begin. The food here is always consistent and always delicious.

When the Captain and I go we sometimes cannot decide what to get. Sometimes it is the Tonno Tartar and Meatballs for an appetizer and we split the Pasta Bolognese (they let you spit any pasta dish), or we get Chicken or Eggplant Parmesan and Veal Saltimbocca. And the Tiramisu is the best way to end any meal at Tonno.

The one thing I will say is that the food is always delicious, and consistent, no matter what time of year you go. That is why we keep going back.

Our favorite corner at the bar!

Some of the yummy dishes at Tonno

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