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Where to Eat in Gloucester ... The 1606 at the Beauport Hotel

This is by far the best deck in Gloucester Harbor to sit and have a meal at, all year round. The 1606 is the Resturant in the Beauport Hotel. The hotel opened in June 2016 and we moved to Gloucester August of that same year, and we have been going to to the 1606 at the hotel since we made an offer on our condo.

Our favorite time to go to the hotel is lunch. I say this because of the deck. I love having a late lunch watching the boats go by and staring out at the "big ocean" beyond. The warmth of the sun and sounds of the ocean is one that I never get tired of hearing.

One reason we love the hotel is when you arrive at the front door, the door men open the door and welcome you, much like the Stewarts on the Titanic. (We sure do talk about a boat that sunk so many years ago, quite frequently around here. I thin we like the movie more than the ship, That s James Cameron for all this great imagery). The one thing that hits you the second you step inside is the smell of the hotel, it is one that brings you back to the beach. (They do sell a candle in the boutique so you can make your house small like the hotel). And when you make your way up the stairs there are old pictures of Gloucester that make you think of times gone by.

Entrance of Hotel (Pic from Beauport Hotel website)

When you make it to the 1606, there are many options for seating, you can sit at one of the two bars. The main bar that reminds you of being on a ship with hurricane glass chandeliers with two toned floors that resemble the same floors on Añejo. You could also choose to sit at the new raw bar, our friend Adam is the bartender there and makes works quite a martini. (If you see Adam tell him Birch & Steph says hi.). You can also choose to sit in the dining room, with signal flags and wood walls. You can choose to sit by any of the fireplaces both in the bar or in the lobby of the hotel. Our other favorite seat is right in front of the fireplace in the bar, there are cozy leather sofas and it feel like you are at home, but with someone to bring your drinks and food . Lastly you can choose to sit on the deck, breathe the sea air, listen to the water and watch he sun glisten on the harbor.

Bar area cozy seats and fireplace

The other nice thing about the 1606 is they are always changing their menu, not weekly or daily like a farm to table restaurant, but seasonally, which makes it interesting. This also keeps the menu fresh for not only guest who come from out of town but all us locals who like to frequent the 1606 as well.

Here are a few of the yummy dishes at the hotel.

The Seared Tuna ... it was delicious

Fatty Tuna Crudo

Even if you do not make it on a Sail on Añejo, you can always stop by the hotel for a drink, an appetizer, some oysters, or a relaxing sit on the deck with your favorite cocktail.

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