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Sorrento, Italy (while Sailing)

I will start by saying that we finished our trip in Sorrento so there will be much more to say about it later. When we pulled into this town in rose up from the sea in a wall of cliffs. At sea level there are breakwaters that patios have been made into with chairs and umbrellas with ladders leading to the sea to take a dip in. We did notice that the majority of the hotels we could see from the sea did not have a pool, I think everyone just swims in the sea.

Sorrento is a town on a hill and it is one amazing town. When we arrived we decided to kill some time and take a dip. On this day we arrived in Sorrento before the lead flotilla boat, and we had to wait for them to arrive. We found this beautiful place near a cliff to take a dip. We were surrounded by a beautiful town and not too many boats around us.

This was taken from our swimming spot of Sorrento

We also saw a beautiful clipper ship/cruise ship making a stop in Sorrento, of course we had to take a spin around it. Maybe we will find one of those to sail on one of these days.

The very beautiful Tall Ship Sea Cloud just outside Sorrento.

When we finally made it to our Mediterranean mooring it was nestled between the breakwater and the cliffs of Sorrento, and walking distance to town.

This was taken from land, just past the docks.

We adventured around to a little park, where we could take our adult beverages and watch the sunset before dinner (remember in Italy you dinner after 8:pm). Dinner was at La Scogliera on the deck with the smell of the sea under the stars. Our dinner that night started with local octopus & calamari in tomato sauce and potatoes, then on to pasta with clams in a light red sauce. Now I need to figure out how to make that light tomato sauce.

View from our table, The Sunset over the sea, Pasta with clams in a red sauce

After dinner we decided to talk a walk into town and up the hill. Let me remind you all that after dinner most Italians go for a walk, even if it is after 11PM. There were steps and ramps and more steps, I felt like we were hiking, but we kept going till we got to the top. We made it, where the view was beautiful at night.

The View of the marina from above, we are in the back row on the left, you can really only see our mast

Even though it was late all the chops in town were open, the gelato places were busy, the cafes were hopping and the night air gave us all a bust of energy.

The one thing I will say is we didn't want to see too much because we knew we would be back soon and wanted to explore then. But we did happen to locate the hotel we would be staying in and the closest cafe to get a cappuccino. At this point that is one of the most important things.

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