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Mini Trip North

Last weekend Birch and I took a mini vacation north. We traveled to Newburyport, Portsmouth, and Rockport. We do frequent Newburyport, but most of the time when we sail somewhere we always go south, but this time we sailed north.

Our first stop was at the town docks in Newburyport. Some find the mouth of the Merrimack River a tough place to get through, but if you stay in the channel and go at the right tide (yes I said tide), it is a piece of cake.

The town docks are situated in a way that all that Newburyport has to offer is right in front of you. There are so many restaurants and shops to check out, which is exactly what we did.

On the Town docks in Newburyport

Our second stop was Portsmouth NH, I thought we were going to the docks at Prescott Park but the Captain had a different idea. We went to Wentworth by the Sea instead. The docks are located in a perfectly protected cove, where the water is like a pond all the time. Here we were able to take advantage of everything the hotel had to offer without being a guest in the hotel. We went to the pool, ate at one of the restaurants, and it really felt like we were on vacation. We also found out that they have free loaner cars for the folks at the marina to borrow to go into town, but that will be for our next visit.

On the dock at Wentworth by the Sea

Spending two nights on a dock is a treat for us. Añejo lives on a mooring and one needs a tender or a launch boat to get to her. When we are on a dock not only are we close to land, we also get to tie into shore power. Since we are plugged into power the fridge and lights can stay on an unlimited amount of time without worrying if the batteries need to be charged.

Leaving Wentworth by the Sea, we realized how close were to Isles of Shoals, a place we have never been but heard so much about. What is very interesting about the Isles of Shoals is the islands straddle both New Hampshire and Maine. There was more there than I thought there was, we are hoping to go back another time to explore. You see they have no launch service during the week, and we did not bring the tender, so we will save the Isles of Shoals for another day.

From the Isles of Shoals

After our fly by the Isles of Shoals we sailed to Rockport, it wasn’t the best sail but we did cross a pod of white sided dolphins and seeing any marine life while sailing always makes your day.

We sailed down the coast back to Cape Ann and stayed at Sandy Bay Yacht Club for the evening. Yes, Rockport might be 10 minutes from where we live, but going anywhere by boat makes it seem special. Rockport also holds a special place for Birch and I. Back when we were dating and Rockport was a dry town, Birch packed us a picnic with some wine and we found a spot on the docks to have our picnic. Every time we are in Rockport we think of that picnic date.

The one nice thing about being at Sandy Bay Yacht Club is the launch stops at 8:PM, but sometimes you just want to stay out a bit later. They offer small rowing dinghies to borrow and you can use them to get back to you boat after hours. Who doesn't love a free boat, even if you do have row it.

The Yacht Club, me rowing, & Pewter Shop in Rockport

All in all it was wonderful to take Añejo out of Gloucester for a few nights. We cannot wait to see where the wind takes us on our next adventure.

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