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Vacation to St. Petersburg FL

We haven’t written in a while and we thought his might be the best introduction back to the blog. And now that Spring has arrived, we are getting closer and closer to boating season by the day. This also means the days are getting longer and the sunsets are happening later and later.

A couple weeks ago we got out of winter in New England and went to visit our family in St. Pete Beach, FL, and who doesn’t love to get out of the cold in winter for some sun and sea.

This is where our family lives, and they have what we call the million dollar view, and we just love sitting on the balcony watching all the dolphins, manatees and birds fly by. It gives you the felling you are on a cruise ship docked at port whenever you step outside. This is also the place where we sit and drink coffee every morning. We have been coming here for over 20 years and we still don't get tired of the view.

The Million Dollar view!

The bay the condo is on is called the Boca Ciega Bay (translated Blind Mouth in Spanish). This has so many canals and many outlets to the Gulf of Mexico. Every Captain should be aware of these outlets since many of them have bridges, some are high enough to sail under and some are draw bridges to help those tall masts get on the other side.

Found a sailing lesson on the canal, one of the many bridges, First Mate Steph at the helm of our pontoon boat.

We had the pleasure of getting out on the Gulf twice. Sadly none of the vessels were a sailboat, but someday we sail on the Gulf of Mexico. Our friends had chartered a power boat for a sunset cruise one night and we rented a pontoon boat with our family for a day out on the water. When we see water we always need to find a way to get out there.

Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico.

Like living in Gloucester, when visiting our family the water is all around you, from canals, to bays to the Gulf, everywhere you look there is water. Maybe that is why we love it there so much.

If you have never been to this part of Florida I suggest someday you go there. Our favorite time is October and March/April to visit. The water in Gulf is warm, the beaches are not too busy and it is easy to get a reservation at all the great restaurants.

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