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Procida, a Small Island off Napoli

Where we picked up the sailboat

Ok, I had no idea where this island was other than in the Mediterranean Sea until we booked this trip. Procida, is a very small island (1.6 square miles), about 40 minutes ferry away from Napoli, and it was a perfect place to start our sailing trip.

Let me explain a bit before I keep going, we were on a “Wine & Food Flotilla” through the Amalfi Coast. What does that mean … we are eating and drinking local wine, what could be better. Procida is where Sail Italia has their offices, and where we picked up the boat.

I had done a little bit of research before we went to find out what are MUST dos & see while there, and found the fishing harbor was one of the most beautiful places to see. Procida has two harbors Marina Grande, the main harbor and Marina di Chiaiolella the original fishing harbor. Our boat was in Marina Grande, but we arrived so early to the Sail Italia base, so we decided to explore this wonderfully small island. Every where you looked there were cafés and shops that sold some of the cutest local things, and so much lemonchello.

Main road in Procida

We were advised to go for a walk to the other harbor and have a bit to eat. We walked up ally and before long we were on the other side of the island, and it was so beautiful!

From the top looking down on Marina di Chiaiolella

When we reached the bottom of the hill and the edge of the water we were in the middle of a lovely fishing harbor, where all the homes are painted a different color to represcent all the fisherman families. And along the shoreline were so many restaurants and cafes that had some many yummy things on their menus.

All the colorful homes, and under all the umbrellas are cafe's

Our first lunch on Procida was pasta from a little family Resturant, and it was the most delicious pasta I had had in a very long time.

After lunch we headed back to the main harbor to board our sailboat and let our sailing adventure begin.

Some sights in Procida

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