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Last Stop - Procida

I want to start by saying I think this is my favorite island of all the islands I have been to in the Amalfi Coast, and this was our last stop on the Flotilla.

But first here is a little video of the sail leaving Ischia to Procida, well, this was taken still in port, as we headed out.

We had most of the day to what we liked with it, so we decided to go to Marina di Chiaiolella, drop anchor, take a dip and have some lunch. This is by far the most beautiful side of the island and the best place to watch scenery.

They say all the homes are painted a different color to represent each fishing family, hence all the colors for all the fisherman.

On this day we had one of the most delicious lunches as well. The night before we went to a dinner on the dock that was catered by the charter company Sail Italia. It was pasta, meat, cheese, bruschetta, wine and more. There was so many leftovers they didn't know what to do with all the food. From what I hear the Europeans do not like leftovers, but everyone on on our boat does. So the pasta ended up in our fridge and we used that as a base for lunch. The pasta with some canned Tonno, tomatoes, meats, cheese, and other yummy things made this lunch maybe my favorite. Let's say we ate like kings & queens, and I had to share it with you. Now the goal is to recreate this and eat like this everyday!!!

Typical boat lunch

That night was our last night with the flotilla and we ate at al lovely Resturant in Marina di Chiaiolella called Ristorante Graziella. Where we ate so much local food we were stuffed when we went back to the boat form one last sleep on board. We had pasta in lemon butter, a platter of seafood of all kinds, and a lovely lemon dessert. Lemons are everywhere!!!

We ate so much seafood, this was a sample of how delicious it was

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