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Pit stop in Capri, well, we tried to at least

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Our flotilla went to Capri but we decided not to and stayed in Amalfi one more night so as not to be rushed around, and if we might not have been able to get off the boat why go there. We woke up and knew we had to meet the flotilla in Porto D'Ischia for dinner but we wanted to try and pit stop in Piccola Harbor in Capri for lunch and a little walk around the marina.

Piccola Harbor is a on the other side of Capri, it is near the the famous rock formations that is called Faraglioni. One such formation is said to create love in a couple and if you go through such arch you will get married and be happy forever. I think if you are with your loved one there, your memories remain forever and that brings you happiness forever.

As you can see you had to be in a small boat to get through the Faraglioni but to see these amazing rocks from the deck of our sailboat was breathtaking

We made it to Capri, but then the rest didn’t go as planned. We thought we found a perfect spot to anchor near the Blue Grotto but, soon we were dragging our anchor and looking for another spot. We headed to the east side of the harbor and tried a second time and it happened again, we decided it was not meant to be. But we were able to at least see this beautiful island where the rich and famous live and play from the water. They also make lemonchello there, but we have been fortunate enough to have lemonchello all over the Amalfi Coast, and we knew how yummy it it.

Here is a little video of Capri in the distance

Piccola Harbor in Capri

I will say if you have never been to The Island of Capri, it is a must stop at while in Napoli or the Amalfi Coast. Like I said before Capri is famous for its Lemonchello. The lemons in all the Amalfi Coast grow to be the size of grapefruits and they are used for so many things from cooking to baking, cleaning and making Lemonchello.

Capri also has a few neat things you can visit while on the island. there is a single man chairlift that takes you to the top of the island, where the views are spectacular.

Since our goal in Capri was to have lunch, but we couldn't find a spot, we decided to do the next best thing and we sailed out a half mile, got on a broad reach and put the sailboat on autopilot towards Ischia and we had lunch while sailing comfortably in the Mediterranean Sea.

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