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Our sail back to Procida

Our last sail on the Mediterranean

Our last sail in the Mediterranean was one of the best sails we had all week. Don't get me wrong all the sailing was great, but the last day we found the wind and we puched our sailboat as much as she could handle.

As we were coming around Procdia we found what we like to call "hell winds." This is usually where the wind funnels between islands, or a channel and gusts more than anywhere else.

We reached a top speed of 7.5 knots and it sure was fun. Nothing like heeling a sailboat and holding on and praying everything in the cabin doesn't end up breaking. But that is what sailing is all about.

Sailboat pictures

Sailing between Procida on the left and Ischia on the right

It was also on our last night in Procida that we got a good group shot of the best are a Captain and First Mate could ask for. We sailed, we ate we drank, we laughed and we made memories to last us a lifetime, or till we go sailing to the next place.

The Crew!

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