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Back to Ischia

This time we went to the Porto D'Ischia, which is the main port on the Island. This is the port where all the ferries come in, and all the cargo come to be offloaded. It is quite a busy place, but when you want it to be quiet is sure is a silent place.

The port was originally not a port, but back in the 1880's the port became a true port. why do I know this? We visited a winery that has their tasting room and cellar a stones throw from the water. The winery is called Perrazzo vini d'Ischia. This might have been one of the coolest winery tours we have ever had. We learned that they have been making wine in this location since the 1880s and has not stopped since. They actually have been making wine there for hundreds of years and would ship the wine from Ischia to all over Europe. We met the owner and wine maker who is the 4th generation wine maker in his family. The location they are in was once a place that the enemy of Ischia could escape from, thought tunnels that go through the caves. Yes, I said caves. You see they found caves and underground tunnels attached to the building. Today they use the caves and the tunnels to store and age wine, because they are the perfect temperature year round. They make both red and white wine, but their white might be the most popular on Ischia, because like I mentioned when we were here the first time, Ischia is most popular dish is rabbit and rabbit goes well with white. The vineyard even has a bottle names after rabbit in Italian.

Pictures from the cave, rack with bottles aged, and last is a picture of Coco Chanel who was a fan of the wine.

This was the first time we went to a beach while we in Italy. We heard there was a little local beach around the corner from the port. We took the walk through town and ended at the beach. It was very small, very sweet, and very local. I think we might have been the only non-Italians there. The beach was very different than what we are use-to seeing, the sand was part sand and part volcanic rocks. But nothing beats a dip in the Mediterranean Sea.

This was the local beach in Ischia

All in all there is so much more to see in Ischia and I hope one day we will go back again and see more of what this little island has to offer. I will saw it is a wonderful alternative to going to Capri. There are less people, less tourist and you feel like a local when you are there.

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