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Amalfi … one of the most beautiful places in Italy

We woke up in Sorrento and got a pretty good start to the day. Today we spent most of the day on the water sailing down the coast to Amalfi. We headed south past Capri. If you have never seen Capri is a very beautiful island. But it is also the island were all the major cruise ships stop and everyone who visits Naples takes a ferry over for the day, so it gets quite busy and crowded.

The Captain had this idea that we would sail for a few hours, stop for lunch and a dip and then sail on to Amalfi. He had a little fishing village picked out for us to stop at. Turns out we stopped in Positano, and what a beautiful place it was to stop in, but the catch is not one of us was paying attention to the chart plotter or the map to know where we were.

Pictures from our boat in Positano

After lunch we continued on our way south to Amalfi, but we were a bit early. What do you do when you are early for you mooring … go for a swim. The Captain found us a swimming spot just before the marina that was amazing. The water was a beautiful color of blue and cliffs rose up in front of. The kind of place you see in books, but never know where it is, we were there.

The most AMAZING sail!!!

(Anne agrees and reminds us in the video too)

This was definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever swam

We spent two days here at a marina called Coppola Marina which has been in a location, that has been a marina for 1200+ years. Yes, this location became a marina in 1000 and the owner, has owned it since the 80s. He told us that he has found all kinds of artifacts and coins in the water over the years, many of which date as far back as 1000, crazy if you ask me. Julio the owner of the marina helped us Mediterranean moor our boat, and in this tiny marina he knows what he is doing, he actually does it all by himself. He met us just inside the breakwater and took over from there.

Julio in action!

I had head so much about Amalfi and knew when we got there it was going to be one special place. We took a walk to the square and found so many shops, cafes and lemons of all kinds. Lemons are the thing here. They grow so well in the Italian climate and they make all kinds of things with them, lemonchello, lemon sorbet and lemon granita. All delicious. They also have lemons on everything from clothing to dishes to wall art.

The Square in Amalfi & Me in my mew Lemon hat

Our dinner in Amalfi was at this lovely little Resturant called La Marinelle on the waterfront a short walk from the boat. We has risotto, for the first time, and local fish cooked with potatoes. The thing about the local fish you always need to remember are the pin bones. There are so many little pin bones in the fish, you just have to keep an eye out for them. Aside from that the food is spectacular and I wonder why I cannot eat like that everyday.

Local fish baked with potatoes & local wine

We thought we were only going spend one day in Amalfi and head to the next location in the morning, but when the skippers meeting happened in the morning everything changed. And we were one very happy crew.

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