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Wrapping Anejo up

When we purchased Anejo a couple years ago, she came with her own cover. Which means we didn't have to pay for shrink wrap again, we could just use the custom fitted canvas cover she came with. We do not have a full boat cover that covers from bow to stern but one that we have covers the boat from the mast back to the cockpit. When you think about it, the mast to the cockpit is the most important part of the boat, that is where the helm, companionway and winches are located, all the areas that you would want protected from the harsh New England winters.

The cover is pretty easy to put on it just takes a non-windy day and a couple hours. Since was our second time to put the cover on, we learn something new about it every time we put it on the boat. This year we decided to get rid of all the lines that were attached to it and use bungie cords (who doesn't love a good bungie cord) to hold the cover down.

The Cover uses the boom as a frame to hold it up like a pup tent

Now that Anejo is put away for the winter we can only count down the days till she launches again in May. The one good thing is we know she is safe where she is and we can stop by anytime to check on her.

Taken just before the cover went on, we call this boat jail

Stay warm everyone, winter is just around the corner!

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