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We are going on a "Trip of a Lifetime"

This is that time of year when we get Añejo ready for the summer, but this year we decided to delay her splashing in (and because the marina is having their sea wall worked on, where the travel lift is located, is also delaying our splashing in) and go on a "trip of a lifetime" vacation. Well, that is what everyone is telling us this is.

Today we are heading east, well, heading over the pond to go sailing in the Amalfi Coast, in and around Naples Italy.

Sketch Map of where we will be sailing and staying in Italy

This all started as a dream and never really thought we would ever sail in Europe but here we are today, heading to Naples to do just that. We are on a wine and food flotilla, and will be sailing, eating and drinking our way though the Amalfi Coast. We found our bareboat charter through the Moorings a charter company that is all over the world, but one we have never used before. We seem to be creatures of habit and use the same Mom & Pop charter company when we sail in the BVIs, that our family has used for over 30 years, this is a story for another day.

The first and last time the Captain and I were in Italy we went to Capri (back in 2012), and said if we ever have tho opportunity to go back to Italy we would go to the Amalfi Coast and see more of this amazing coastline.

We hope to be able to bring you some of our trip, so one day you too might want to take this same trip and see and experience what we have experienced and all the awe that Italy has to offer.

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