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Trip to Water Island, USVI

This week we decided to get away and go to the sun, sand and sea for a week and what better place to go than the USVI, and since Captain Birch’s brother lives there it is the perfect place to visit.

We spent the week on a 43’ Irwin Sloop sailboat (see the image below of the boat and the floor plan) that the Captain Birch's brother lives on and has enough room for us. Jeff’s boat is moored in such a beautiful bay/beach called Honeymoon Beach on Water Island. There is not much on Water Island but there is Dinghy’s Bar & Grille, our favorite place to hang out and get a good Painkiller outside the BVIs. If you have never had a Painkiller I suggest the next time you are in the USVIs or BVIs get one. Water Island also has a fort at the top of the island that you can tour and see the ruins on the once used bunkers.

Water Island is a small island outside Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas and where most of the cruise ships dock at. When you stay or visit Water Island you need to make your way to Crown Bay Marina and take a little 10 minute ferry ride across Elephant Bay to Phillips Landing. When you arrive there the free safari bus that will pick you up and take you to the beach.

As you can see the name is fitting since many come by dinghy.

While we were away this week we met many folks along the way and pretty much everywhere we went we couldn't stop talking about Dinghy's and how much fun it is to be on Honeymoon Beach, how good the food is at Dinghy's, and how nice all the folks are that you will meet while there.

We do hope that if you ever make your way to St. Thomas you stop at Water Island, it is in a way a hidden gem that not many have heard of but if you have you keep going back.

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