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The New England Boat Show

Part of being a boat owner is going to the boat show every winter. There are a few reasons why one goes to the show, and the most important one is to see all the new boats and dream of what you could have one day. Being sailors there are usually not too many sailboats inside at the boat show in Boston, but there are many other things we can look at or purchase for our sailboat.

One year we went to look at new chart plotters, and how we can get one installed. Another year it was all about the autopilot. All of which we had Voyager Marine install for us. Another time it was all about boat safety, checking out who has captain classes and inflatable life rafts.

This year we went to talk to our friends at The Canvas Store about our dodger and Bimini, that we are replacing. The Canvas Store originally made the dodge & Bimini for Añejo when she was first launched in 2006 in Huntington, NY. We have also had many dealings with this shop and are vary pleased with the work they do, that is why we keep going back to them.

We did have the opportunity to see two very beautiful day sailers that were on trailers, and can only imagine what their bigger versions could or would look like. One of the sail boats we saw was made that the Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co. and what beautiful boats they hand make. In most cases this type of day sailer is made by a small shop and this is all they do. You will also notice that the sails are made by one of our favorite sail makers Doyle Sails. if anyone is familiar with Doyle Sails, they have a shop in Salem, MA and can can be found all over the world. The thing I like about them is they not only make sails for the day sailers, they also make sails for large sail boats like the Maltese Falcon, these are shops we like.

The Day Sailers from the Boat Show

No matter why you go to the boat show the one thing we all come away with is spring is just around the corner and soon everyone’s boats will be back in the water.

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