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The End of another GREAT season!

This week our season has come to an end, and the other day we moved Anejo off her mooring and to Cape Ann Marina for winter storage.

Anejo on her temporary slip, till haul out

View towards the Blynman Bridge (in the background)

Winter storage is a process since our boat is not one you can just put on a trailer and bring home to your backyard for the winter. Like I said we moved her to Cape Ann Marina, where we remove all the perishables, and anything else that needs to come out for winter. But the main part of what happens is all the tanks get drained and winterized and the sails come off. All winterizing is, adding anti-freeze that is ocean safe so the pipes don't burst in our very cold winters. The other main thing we do is we take down the dodger and the bimini and we take down the sails.

All of this is very easy for the Captain and I since we have been doing it since we purchased our first boat 20+ years ago. But to me it feels like it takes forever, because that means we will not be sailing again till spring, and spending these last few hours on board, even though it is cold out, I want them to last.

But this winter, I thought I would continue to write our blog and give you all some tidbits about Gloucester, sailing and all the places we visit this winter that are on the water till the boat is launched again. Best of all if you read our blog will be the first to know when Anejo will sail again, and when Charter season opens again.

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