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Sargasso Sea

Yes the Sargasso Sea, what and where is it? Well, I had no idea this body of water even existed. The last time we were flying south I noticed this body of water on the map. You see I have a bad habit of reading a book and watching the map on my tv screen when I fly. (JetBlue Airlines seems to have the best maps, and views of where you are and what you are flying over). We were somewhere over what I thought was the Atlantic Ocean when I noticed the map said Sargasso Sea, so I had to do a little bit of research and look further into this body of water.

What I learned about the Sargasso is the name means seaweed in Portuguese, and is named that for the large amount of brown seaweed that floats on the surface of the calm blue water. This sea has no land boundaries and is very motionless, and one of the only seas on the plant that had no land boundaries. Many marine biologists have called it a biological desert, largely devoid of plankton, a basic food supply for fish. It lacks the nutrients necessary to support large fishes. The sea is abundant in smaller marine animals such as shrimps, small crabs, and octopi. Much of this marine life is directly dependent on the floating seaweed. I never thought that the ocean could be like the land, in that it would have many eco systems all in the same body of water. Many have sailed here and found that not only is there little current there is also little wind, note to self, when sailing south best to stay close to the East Coast.

This would explain to me why when Jerome and the Mighty Sparrow sailed around the world they hugged the coast of North America to the Caribbean, he didn't want to get caught in this sea of no movement in the air or in the water.

This just goes to prove that there is so much about the ocean we don't know, even down to the seas within each large body of ocean water.

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