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Hello Everyone! I was going to talk about who we are but I hope you've had a chance to read that page on our website already and didn't want to repeat myself. We are very excited about this new adventure and endeavor. Our intent is to share what we know about sailing, physically on one of our charters, as well as here in the blog. There are so many things to talk about when it comes to a sailboat itself, staying on board & visiting neighboring harbors.

A few years ago Captain Birch and I had an idea to move closer to the ocean and sail more everyday, but how was this going to happen. Well, in 2016 it happened, we sold almost everything we owned to move into a little condo in Gloucester, MA, moved our boat and now we sail as much as we can. We then wanted to share our love of sailing with anyone who wanted to experience what we do everyday.

We noticed that Gloucester Harbor had a many boats you could sail on, that are so much fun to sail on, but they are large boats that can hold a lot of people. We wanted to offer a private sail in the harbor at the same times but in a smaller intimate atmosphere, and Sail Anejo was born.

Anejo Sailing in Sandy Bay, Rockport


We hope you enjoy reading about all the adventures of Sail Anejo.

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