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Anejo's Winter Storage

A few weeks ago I spoke of the End of our Season but this year the end took much longer than we expected. We took the dodger and the Bimini off the boat so the winter cover will fit nicely.

We went to take the sails down and we had a hang up. We are still not sure if anything is broke or stuck but what we do know is there was so much tension on our head sail it just wouldn't drop. You see we just fitted Anejo with new Neil Pryde sails this year. The sails we got with the boat were the original sails from 2006, they were taken care of but were very stretched out and wouldn't shape well. The new sails were just what the boat needed. And if you are wondering we donated our main sail to See Bags in ME, and they made us a lovely tote bag, free of charge (out bag will make an appearance in the blog soon).

After a few attempts to drop the sail and a good friend being hoisted to to the top, she came down. We think there was so much tension from the new sail it was holding it on the fuller.

Our Friend Zim at the top of the mast 51'

Before the sail came down there were pictures taken from the top of the mast, and what a beautiful view of the sailboat it is.

Captain Birch relaxing on the Deck

After all the sails came down she was ready to move to her new winter home, on the hard, or out of the water. It is such an interesting process to take the boat out of the water. First she is craned or put in the sling, then moved to to a tailer and then put on stands. All of which have to be done by professionals.

Anejo on the tailer moving to her stands

Anejo's winter home is in fact only a mile from our house, so we can walk by, or work on winter projects. And if any of you are visiting Gloucester over the winter you too can stop by to see her.

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