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Trip to St. Thomas USVI

Part of our time away we did go to St. Thomas, aside from it being where the airport is located in Charlotte Amalie, and JetBlue often has really good deals from Boston, perfect for us.

This time we decided to do something we have not done in St. Thomas, we went to Paradise Point at the top of St. Thomas. The fun thing about visiting here is there is a high speed tram that takes you to the top where the view of Long Bay is breathtaking.

(This was the ride down but it gives you how amazing the view is from the tram)

At the top is a little bar on a beautiful deck that claims they make the best bushwacker, so when in St. Thomas we all tried the bushwacker and they were delicious and refreshing. We spent a couple hours at the top looking out over the port of Long Bay in Charlotte Amalie all the way over to Crown Bay.

The Port of Long Bay

St. Thomas is one of those Islands that is quite a busy place, especially in Charlotte Amalie. Charlotte Amalie is the capitol of St. Thomas & the USVIs. This is where many of the ferries go out of to St. John, St. Croix, and the BVIs. It is also where the market is located, and if you have never been to a Caribbean market, you should visit one. The one in St. Thomas is full of jewelry stores ... diamonds, watches and more gold than you could ever imagine in one place, and walk by any of them and they will ask you to come in, what kind of deal you can get and in some cases even a free rum drink.

After we left Paradise Point we took a walk on the docks in hopes of seeing one of those beautiful mega yachts, and just by chance David Geffen's yacht Rising Sun was in port (you can see it docked in the picture above behind the Disney cruise ship). This might be the largest mega yacht that I have never seen in person. Move over "Below Deck" this is another level of yachting.

St. Thomas has many beautiful beaches to relax at, many beautiful hotels to stay at on some one these beautiful beaches and so many nice people to talk to. That might be the reason why we keep going back.

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