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Today is National Lighthouse Day ...

Gloucester has a few lighthouses so why not pay tribute today.

In honor of it being National Lighthouse day I thought why not talk a bit about the lighthouses we have here in Gloucester. There are quite a few, and all are a bit different from each other, and all are still in operation and essential for navigating in the dark or in fog. In the Harbor we have the Ten Pound Island Light, The Eastern Point Lighthouse and the The Dog Bar Lighthouse an lastly there is the Anniquam River Lighthouse on the Ipswich Bay side of the Annisquam River.

The Lighthouse we see most often is the Ten Pound Island Light, since Añejo is moored on the inside of Ten Pound Island. This lighthouse is most famous for having once had a lighthouse keeper, claim he saw a sea serpent. Keep in mind that every town on the ocean has a story of a sea serpent, not just Loc Ness. This lighthouse today is an active on, but there is no keeper, it is all automated and powered by solar.

The Eastern Point Lighthouse is one you see from a distance when approaching Gloucester Harbor. This lighthouse is located at the southern most point of Eastern Point. Eastern Point Lighthouse.

Very Close to the Eastern Point lighthouse is the Dog Bar Lighthouse. This is just a light on a tower that indicates where the breakwater ends.

The Dog Bar or Breakwater and the Lighthouse at the end.

The last lighthouse in Gloucester is the Annisquam River Lighthouse, located at Lighthouse Beach. This lighthouse has been in a move called "The Women" and featured in Time magazine back in the 50s. Today it is the indication that you are entering the Annisquam River, an estuary that connects Ipswich Bay to Gloucester Harbor.

The Annisquam Lighthouse

Lighthouse beach is just to the right

The next time you are out on the water and wonder if that lighthouse is still in use or are they manned still. In most cases they are, and they are what are still used today to navigate. Yes we have chart plotters and technology, but those lighthouses still serve a beacons in both the day and the night as to where us mariners are.

Lighthouse and naval vessel urban legend. A little humor to end the post.

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