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The October Nor'easter 2021

It seems every year we get one really bad storm in October that has heavy rain and high winds. Rain that you go out in and need to wear full foul weather gear or one needs to change because the rain is so heavy it soaks you, and wind so bad in goes right through you.

This year is just like the others and on 10/26 the rain and wind started and it has been pouring and almost hurricane force winds and there seems to be no let up in sight. Well, the NWS says it should be getting better by 3:PM. The thing about these storms is they leave a path of destruction that cannot be evaluated till the weather clears and rain stops.

As you all know thankfully we moved the boat to Cape Ann Marina a couple weeks ago, so she is safe. She has at least 7 lines holding her to the dock as well as to the boat next to her. This morning the Captain and I got up early and went to the marina to check on her.

From the Marina this morning

Everyone stay safe and check on your fellow neighbors both in the water and out.

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