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Schooner Fest Weekend Part 2

Schooner Fest weekend is held every Labor Day weekend in Gloucester Harbor. That weekend brings back a memories of a time when the harbor is full of sails and all you see are sheets of fabric. Those sails can be found on the schooners and all the other sail boats in harbor and neighboring harbors who come to sail with these most beautiful sailing vessels.

Every year we set off bright and early in morning for a day full of sailing, because that's what you do SAIL all day. Yes we are not a schooner, but rather a sloop (which I will talk about in a later post), but oh how much fun it is to sail with everyone. We get caught up in the tack out of the harbor.

Most of the Schooners set off and head for Stage Head (or as some call it Stage Fort) and a cannon is shot to welcome the schooner to the parade. This year an original cannon was restored for the event and how amazing it was to see the cannon in action. All over the harbor all you heard was cannons firing off from land to boats, and boats to land.

Columbia Schooner in all her Glory

This year the weather was a bit iffy and it actually rained for a bit, but it didn't stop anyone from sailing out of the harbor and getting ready for the race. Thats the thing about Schooner fest Sunday there is a parade of boats first and then a race outside the harbor, where the boats are classed based on sizes; small, medium & large. And well, the Columbia was built to race so she is in a class all of her own, and don't we all love to watch her glide on the water.

The Small Schooners coming back home after the race

All in all it was a wonderful weekend and and now we count down the days till we have it again. if you are local, you should make it point to come to schooner fest, and if you are from out of town put it on your calendar because you will be busy all weekend with all the events happening.

First Mate Steph, Looking back on Roseway (her favorite schooner)

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