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Rockport, MA

This post I thought I would give a shout out to our other half of the island we live on, and one of our favorite places to sail to, Rockport! Rockport is the other town that makes up the Island of Cape Ann. Rockport is our neighbors to the east, and if you keep going east you will end up in the ocean, and not in Rockport anymore. Rockport is not the largest in population or the largest in area but it sure is the cutest place you will visit on Cape Ann.

Motif #1 From Dock Square

Rockport was once a dry town till 2006, when one could finally purchase alcohol at a Resturant, and today you might even find a store selling beer and wine, but it is still few an far between.

The fact that Rockport was a dry town for so long was very funny to the Captain and I when we heard this. You see when we were dating back in 2000 the Captain took me to Rockport to have a picnic on the docks. He brought all kinds of food and red wine, and we had no idea we were in a dry town let alone having picnic with wine out in the open. When we heard this years later we had quite a laugh about it, and so happy we had the opportunity to “break the law” and or get caught.

As the story goes ...

"Rockport has been dry since 1856 when resident Hannah Jumper led a procession of 200 women, many wielding hatchets, through the town and destroyed anything containing alcohol. Rockport's restaurants have been allowed to sell beer and wine since 2006."

- taken from google

We hope this does not stop anyone from visiting Rockport, for today things are much different, well, different in a small way. You can visit one of our favorite restaurants ... Feather & Wedge. To eat at a lovely farm to table restaurant that changes it menu almost weekly, but very worth the visit. As well as some very unique adult beverages that appeal to everyone's taste buds.

If you are anything like us and sail to Rockport, or find one of those cute B&Bs to stay in for a weekend away, there is a new wonderful beer and wine shop called Sea & Cellar on Bearskin Neck, a must stop for unique wines and micro brews, and who doesn't love to try something new. And don't forget to stop by all the art galleries and boutiques while on the neck, and take some small piece of Rockport home with you.

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