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Our Girl is going to be famous

The things you learn when you agree to be in a movie are quite baffling. As you know we took Anejo to the "set" for the movie, which is a lovely private dock in Massachusetts so we didn't have to go to far, and it is also a safe place to keep her, away from people and storms.

What we didn't know was the producers can ask anything of you, and if they don't like it, then you must change it or it is out of the movie. Well as it turns out they loved the name of the boat and you will see it on the big screen some day soon. But... what they didn't like was the hailing port. Gloucester MA had to go! but when she comes back home we will put it back on, because the producers may not like it but we love where we live and want everyone to know that.

The Gloucester MA is missing on "set"


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