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Let’s Talk-about last nights sail …

We in fact only went out for an hour, but it was the best hour of season so far. It was about 6:pm and we were having some before dinner drinks and appetizers on board when we noticed the wind had picked up and all the schooners were heading out for an evening sail. we thought why not join them.

We were on board with some friends who not only sail but they too have boat, but their boat is a story for another day, and having 4 people on board who can sail makes it sailing easier. The Captain decided to bring the boat to an inner harbor mooring for the evening so grilling and chilling would be more comfortable, and since it is so early in the season many of the city moorings are not rented out.

We headed toward Stage Fort to open the sails, and the Thomas E. Lannon (a schooner) had the same idea. We got the main furled out and we began to heel, we thought why not let our the head sail too, the thought of reefing crossed our minds, but that was fleeting. We furled out the head sail and the heel, was greater, almost too much, but somedays putting the rail in the water is the thing to do!

Our Video of our sail ... we were all excited

As you saw in the video our friend Zim got on the mast, and to me that looked like something fun, so I joined him as we headed out of the harbor.

The Schooner is the Ardelle crossing our bow as we all sail out of the Harbor.

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