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It’s Almost That Time of Year

Every spring we take a few days to get Añejo ready to splash in the water for the season. There is so much to do to get a sailboat ready to launch for the season that must done while the boat is still on the hard, or dry dock. Things we do every year is repaint the bottom of the boat, clean the waterline and buff the gel coat. All this takes time an effort that the Captain is happy to do to get Añejo looking her best before she splashes in the water.

This is by far the best bottom paint, it can usually last a couple years and little to no barnacles attache themselves to the bottom of the boat.

The Keel Before Bottom Paint

Añejo sure does look pretty with a fresh coat of bottom paint, and look how sharp that waterline is!

if you thought owning a boat was a simple thing, you would be wrong. There is more to owning a boat than just jumping in and going out for a ride. From the largest of boats to the smallest you will see boat owners power washing the hulls to get the barnacles and seaweed off, then painting and waxing, no-one is except from any of these tasks. All of which help the longevity of your boat.

All ready to be splashed in for the season

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