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Is this the Titanic...

One of the most popular places for our guests to go when we sail is the bow. Some just want to sit there and watch the wind fill the sails, some want to look ahead, and others want to be like Rose from Titanic and feel like they are flying.

It is personally one of our favorite places to be while sailing. We find when we are on a long sail we put the boat in auto pilot and both go to the bow to feel the power of the sea and the wind as it carries us along to our destination.

I think Rose was on to something when she climbed out on the bow of the Titanic.

Here are a few of our guests enjoying themselves on the bow!

This Guest LOVED being on the bow!

Here is Patrick, and just look at his face, it says it all!

And lastly myself, from my favorite place to be, the bow!

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