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Historic Gloucester Harbor

This is where it all began, the birth of a Sailing Charter business. Gloucester Harbor is right in my backyard, well, maybe front yard if you all know where we live. It is one of the most beautiful and protected harbors in Massachusetts Bay, with the help of the Dog Bar, it makes for one safe place to take cover if you are caught in a storm.

Now back to the harbor itself. There are so many beautiful sights to see in the harbor without even leaving the 2 mile depth of the harbor itself. The harbor is divided into areas to make it easy to figure out where you are or where you are going, the many areas of the harbor are; North Channel, Cripple Cove, Inner Harbor, Smith Cove, Pavilion Beach, Stage Fort Park, Ten Pound Island, Niles Beach, South East Harbor, Eastern Point and Fresh Water Cove. I will at some point talk about all these areas in more detail, but for today we are just going to talk about the Harbor and its beauty.

Nautical Map of Gloucester Harbor

When we began our Charter business we went out on sunset charters, because the sky in the harbor is like none I have seen before, I knew we had to share this with everyone and anyone who wanted to see it. It also seems the best sunsets are in the summer on a not 100% perfect night, clouds and a bit of overcast makes for one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. The other amazing things about the sunsets is that if you wait a minute or two the sky changes and it will continue to change till the sun completely disappears till the next day.

One if the best sunsets is this one ...

The evolution of the Sunset

I long to see another sunset like this one again, but every time the sun sets the sky puts on a show for us, and I surly cannot miss it! Hopefully one day you too will come out and experience the sunset show.

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