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A Weekend in Marblehead

One of our favorite places to visit is Marblehead Harbor. We have been visiting Marblehead since we started sailing together. This came about because it was the harbor next door to Salem, and very easy to get to, and even since we moved to Gloucester it is a mere 1.5 hours away and it feel like we traveled to a new place.

The Lighthouse that welcomes you to Marblehead Harbor

You always know when you are close when you see all the little regattas happening out of Marblehead. The big sailboats are out in the ocean, while the little ones are usually close to harbor. And didi I mention there are so many boats in the harbor, one cannot even begin to count how many. There are also so many yacht clubs in the harbor, this is not evidently noticeable until sunset when they all fire a cannon, to let you know they are all there (and I think they all fire one at 8:AM to wake the harbor up as well).

There is always something to do in Marblehead form a walk in Crocker Park, to walking around the cute downtown area to eating in one of the local eateries such as The Barnacle or The Sail Loft. time spent here is well spent and always a nice break from home. Did I mention it only takes 1.5 hours to get there by sailboat and 45+ minutes by car. We so would rather go there by boat than by car any day of the week.

I suggest if you have never sailed or motored to Marblehead this is a place you should go to, go to Dockwa and book yourself a night there. They have no launch service but they have great facilities, who doesn't love a great shower when you are sailing.

Anejo on her mooring for the night

We look forward to hearing about all the fun things you do when you visit one of our favorite places to visit in the North Shore.

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