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What’s in a name

Naming a vessel seems like such an easy thing to do but when it comes to your own vessel it is quite a different story. Sometimes you name it after someone, or after a saying or even your favorite place you visit, but in most cases the name is quite personal to the Captain.

In our case our first sailboat we owned Captain Birch purchased it as a surprise gift for me, so we named it after me “N-Stuff Like That…”. My nickname at the time was N-Stuff and we thought it was fitting.

A few years later we purchased another boat and this one we knew we had to name after Captain Birch. But what would we name it??? This is when you rack your brain for sayings, things you like and dear family members.

We found that “Añejo” was the perfect fit.

What does Anejo “vintage or aged”

In our case it refers to tequila (or rum), which have been aged in barrels for one to three years, giving the drink a smoother flavor, with a taste comparable to sipping Cognac or bourbon, and it is also Captain Birch‘s spirit of choice.

This is one of the Captain's Favorite Añejo's

Añejo became the name of our second boat.

And our current boat

So if you ever get a boat, whether it is power or sail, think about what you would name it, since the name says more about the owners of the boat.

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