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Sloop: definition

What is a sloop sailboat? Sailboats all have a particular style all based on the mast(s) & sails locations. I believe one of the most common types of sailboats is a sloop.

"A sloop is a sailboat with a single mast typically having only one headsail in front of the mast and one mainsail aft of (behind) the mast."

Simple image of a Sloop

If you look around most harbors in New England you see many sloops. You might also see other boats such as a ketch, yawl, schooner, friendship sloop, catboat, gaff-rig, and cutter. As well as all the varieties of tall ships and sailing yachts. All are sailing vessels and it comes down to personal preference, and what you are used to sailing. One thing I will say when you sail one boat, you can easily figure out how to sail the rest of them. The principles are the same, the sheets and the lines are just in different places.

Anejo with her sails up ... she is a Sloop

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